Survival Stories

Story of Survival

Lillian Dube

Cancer Survivor

I have been honoured with a number of accolades, including Best Actress and Lifetime Achiever from the Theatre Guild. I own a casting agency and a TV Production company, which recently produced the TV comedy Skwizas, now in its second season on SABC 2. My most recent projects include acting roles in The Chemo Club – a comedy movie; Gog’Helen - the Sequel; and work on the documentary “The Girl and the Lion”.

But of all the roles I have been lucky to have, my portrayal of Sister Bettina has, undoubtedly been the highlight of my career. “Soul City” has given a voice to people who previously couldn’t speak for themselves. I particularly value the difference we’ve brought to women.

Through edutainment, Soul City has helped to empower women, raising awareness of important issues, thus making them more independent and ready to make a stand for their rights. I’m so proud to be associated with Soul City.

What’s more, the show is based on research and in all aspects is real-to-life. I applaud the fact that every effort is made to ensure that the show remains relevant. For example, in one episode we were focusing on safe sex, and we realised that no one was going to listen to an old person preaching about condoms – that just wouldn’t seem real, which is why we kept Sister Bettina out of it! Preaching we feel will not work, whereas educating people while entertaining them just might.

As a cancer survivor who views her role as an awareness activist, I’m concerned that the current generation still lack the education to make informed choices. Hopefully, with programmes like Soul City and the tremendous work that organizations like the Tobeka Madiba Zuma  Foundation do, we will make a difference to the lives of countless South Africans.