Survival Stories

Story of Survival

Christine Ngwanyama

Cancer Survivor

Shock and denial were my first reactions when I was first diagnosed with the most feared disease of all in 2004. I was also angry and terrified, and questioned my faith. But thanks to my unstinting belief and the wonderful doctors and nurses whose love, knowledge and compassion were available to assist me to fight breast cancer, I am delighted to declare that I'm now cancer-free, healthy and forever grateful.

Furthermore, I thank my children for their love, compassion and support. As a single parent, they were the closest people to care, support and encourage me in every way during the most difficult period of my life. To my family, friends and colleagues, thank you for your prayers, love and support.

When we talk about cancer, we need to know that it is not a death sentence anymore, especially as we call upon the new medical breakthroughs that enable people like me to overcome the most heinous of all diseases. I also believe that God is the Healer and he gave me hope and strength. Cancer drew me closer to God and his words of life sustained me through months of unrelenting pain as I battled breast cancer.