TB:  An alarming increase in South Africa since turn of the century.


increase in TB cases
since 2001


TB Cases in South Africa (2015)


Patients who have
both HIV and TB


of HIV infected infants
will die of TB

Insufficient integration of TB care into HIV programmes means weaker response to this disease nationally. The TMZ Foundation will focus on integrating TB and HIV to provide equal care.

Our Approach

TB Diagnosis: Scaling up of GeneXpert MTB Test in Rural Areas

The GeneXpert test is a molecular test which detects the DNA in TB bacteria. It uses a sputum sample and can provide an accurate result in less than 2 hours. It can also detect the genetic mutations associated with resistance to drugs. The test was developed by Cepheid and FIND and 330,540 cartridges have been purchased for use in South Africa. The Foundation aims at facilitating widespread access to this test and expects that it will have a dramatic positive impact on TB diagnosis and treatment, especially in rural areas.

TB Prevention Programmes

The Foundation will conduct TB awareness campaigns in rural areas and continue with its current Prisons TB awareness project, in collaboration with the Right to Care Campaign. Educating and conducting TB screening ensures early detention and assists prisoners with early diagnosis and treatment.

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