Breast Cancer

Early detection and education are the keys to winning the battle


of all cancers in women are
breast cancer (most common)


year-old women ÔÇô
most common cause of death
is breast cancer


lifetime incidence risk of
contracting disease


lifetime risk of dying
from the disease

Early detection remains key to more successful outcomes when treating this form of cancer. And knowledge about breast cancer is critical to ensuring that the right tests are done, in time, to reduce unnecessary suffering and enhance the chances of survival.

Our Approach

Mammographic Screening for Rural Women

The Foundation will seek partners with medical facilities across the country to provide free mammograms and diagnostic breast care services to rural women.

Self-Examination Education

We will seek to educate rural women on how to conduct a self-examination for breast cancer. This awareness will also help to empower women to obtain better healthcare.

Support and Care Groups

We will develop support and care groups in rural clinics, where women can share their experiences and fears with other women. Mass Media awareness campaigns will also be implemented through social media, radio, newspaper and leaflets.

In South Africa, where competing health priorities have delayed the implementation of a national breast cancer screening programme, the Foundation supports the adoption of the Global Summit recommendations. We foresee and will encourage beneficial synergies between the Global Programme and the more established cancer screening programmes. An advantage is that South Africa already has a well established diagnostic and treatment infrastructure which, whilst requiring expansion and improvement, means we will not have to start everything from scratch. There is clear evidence that in the absence of a screening programme, early stage diagnosis and treatment reduces morbidity and mortality and reflects an achievable goal in an enabling environment.

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