Help us create a Cancer Smart, Zero New HIV Infections and a TB Free Society


“Women of South Africa are an inspiration. Every chance I get to meet and talk to women across the spectrum in this beautiful rainbow nation of ours, I am both humbled by their strength as lifted by their remarkable stories of survival or success. It is a privilege to be a South African woman – and a responsibility: because in our genes is a call to be without equal”



Envisaging a South Africa where all humanity is afforded the right & access to healthcare, and the most vulnerable are empowered to seek preventive knowledge towards a Cancer Smart future and Zero New HIV/AIDS and TB infections.



To deliver sustainable healthcare and community development initiatives that are accessible to all, irrespective of social status and geographical location; traversing all nations and races; giving hope and future to the hopeless, the poor and the oppressed; speaking for the voiceless.



• Ethics
• Confidentiality
• Integrity
• Unconditional caring
• Positive regard for people
• Proactivity and Responsiveness



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November 19, 2016 to December 01, 2016

Listen to the Girl Child Campaign

The Tobeka Madiba Zuma Foundation acknowledges the importance to "Listen to the Girl Child".

This campaign aims to achieve the following outcomes:

To provide young girls with a platform to share issues that drive the high HIV infections amongst youth.

To ensure young girls are provided access to sexual health education.

To promote girl and women empowerment by focusing on providing access to quality education and mentorship opportunities.

A Warrior's Walk

TMZ Foundation’s Goodwill Ambassador & Advocate for Breast Cancer

A breast cancer survivor/ warrior herself, she was diagnosed with over seven years ago. At that time, patients went into surgery not knowing if they would have a breast or not when they woke up. Radical mastectomies were the only option and the surgery was often disfiguring. But she didn’t have to, and for that she considers herself lucky.

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TMZ Foundation's Volunteer Coordinator

Rape, TB, Cervical Cancer Survivor and living with HIV/AIDS for almost 11 years. I often wonder to myself if I already knew 44 years ago, that this would be my story to tell today...”

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